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GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Fund Current Holdings

  as of 10/22/2014 (subject to change) Download CSV Holdings File
Security Description Symbol Contracts Settlement Market Value
TREASURY BILL DISCOUNT 11/20/2014912796EE550,000,000.00$100.00$49,998,850.00
TREASURY BILL DISCOUNT 11/28/2014912796EF250,000,000.00$100.00$49,999,250.00
SOYBEAN OIL FUTR JAN15BOF5237.00$32.40$4,607,280.00
SOYBEAN OIL FUTR Mar15BOH5237.00$32.66$4,644,252.00
SOYBEAN OIL FUTR May15BOK5237.00$32.88$4,675,536.00
SOYBEAN OIL FUTR Dec14BOZ4237.00$32.14$4,570,308.00
CORN FUTURE Mar15C H5338.00$367.00$6,202,300.00
CORN FUTURE May15C K5338.00$376.00$6,354,400.00
CORN FUTURE DEC14C Z4338.00$353.00$5,965,700.00
COCOA FUTURE Mar15CCH5300.00$3,090.00$9,270,000.00
COCOA FUTURE May15CCK5301.00$3,072.00$9,246,720.00
WTI CRUDE FUTURE JAN15CLF546.00$80.13$3,685,980.00
WTI CRUDE FUTURE Feb15CLG546.00$79.81$3,671,260.00
WTI CRUDE FUTURE Mar15CLH546.00$79.54$3,658,840.00
WTI CRUDE FUTURE Apr15CLJ547.00$79.32$3,728,040.00
WTI CRUDE FUTURE DEC14CLZ446.00$80.52$3,703,920.00
COTTON NO.2 FUTR MAR15CTH5198.00$61.92$6,130,080.00
COTTON NO.2 FUTR May15CTK5198.00$62.83$6,220,170.00
COTTON NO.2 FUTR DEC14CTZ4197.00$62.68$6,173,980.00
GOLD 100 OZ FUTR FEB15GCG549.00$1,246.60$6,108,340.00
GOLD 100 OZ FUTR Apr15GCJ549.00$1,247.20$6,111,280.00
GOLD 100 OZ FUTR Dec14GCZ450.00$1,245.50$6,227,500.00
COPPER FUTURE Mar15HGH582.00$301.30$6,176,650.00
COPPER FUTURE May15HGK582.00$301.15$6,173,575.00
COPPER FUTURE Dec14HGZ481.00$301.75$6,110,437.50
NY HARB ULSD FUT JAN15HOF536.00$245.82$3,716,798.40
NY HARB ULSD FUT FEB15HOG536.00$245.65$3,714,228.00
NY Harb ULSD Fut Mar15HOH536.00$245.15$3,706,668.00
NY HARB ULSD FUT APR15HOJ536.00$244.35$3,694,572.00
NY Harb ULSD Fut Dec14HOZ435.00$245.92$3,615,024.00
COFFEE 'C' FUTURE Mar15KCH585.00$195.30$6,225,187.50
COFFEE 'C' FUTURE May15KCK584.00$197.65$6,225,975.00
COFFEE 'C' FUTURE Dec14KCZ485.00$191.10$6,091,312.50
LIVE CATTLE FUTR FEB15LCG592.00$167.63$6,168,600.00
LIVE CATTLE FUTR Apr15LCJ592.00$165.78$6,100,520.00
LIVE CATTLE FUTR DEC14LCZ492.00$168.10$6,186,080.00
LEAN HOGS FUTURE FEB15LHG5173.00$87.85$6,079,220.00
LEAN HOGS FUTURE APR15LHJ5173.00$89.30$6,179,560.00
LEAN HOGS FUTURE DEC14LHZ4173.00$89.75$6,210,700.00
NATURAL GAS FUTR JAN15NGF598.00$3.83$3,751,440.00
NATURAL GAS FUTR Feb15NGG598.00$3.82$3,746,540.00
NATURAL GAS FUTR Mar15NGH598.00$3.77$3,692,640.00
NATURAL GAS FUTR Apr15NGJ599.00$3.59$3,553,110.00
NATURAL GAS FUTR DEC14NGZ499.00$3.75$3,707,550.00
PLATINUM FUTURE JAN15PLF5145.00$1,271.10$9,215,475.00
PLATINUM FUTURE Apr15PLJ5145.00$1,272.50$9,225,625.00
SOYBEAN FUTURE JAN15S F5126.00$969.75$6,109,425.00
SOYBEAN FUTURE Mar15S H5126.00$977.00$6,155,100.00
SOYBEAN FUTURE May15S K5126.00$984.75$6,203,925.00
SUGAR #11 (WORLD) MAR15SBH5499.00$16.50$9,221,520.00
SUGAR #11 (WORLD) May15SBK5498.00$16.76$9,348,057.60
SILVER FUTURE Mar15SIH571.00$17.29$6,136,885.00
SILVER FUTURE May15SIK571.00$17.31$6,146,470.00
SILVER FUTURE Dec14SIZ472.00$17.23$6,203,160.00
WHEAT FUTURE(CBT) Mar15W H5231.00$536.00$6,190,800.00
WHEAT FUTURE(CBT) May15W K5231.00$543.75$6,280,312.50
WHEAT FUTURE(CBT) DEC14W Z4231.00$522.25$6,031,987.50

Due to the funds objective and strategy, it generally will not pay dividends, nor is it designed to do so.

This investment is not suitable for all investors.

Investing in futures contracts is highly speculative which could result in large fluctuations in the price of the Fund's Shares; and an investor could lose all or substantially all of his/her investment. To learn more about the specific risks associated with an investment in the fund, please view the disclosure.

ALPS Distributors, Inc. is the distributor for the GreenHaven Continuous Commodity Index Fund (GCC).

An investor should consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. Click the link to obtain a Prospectus , which contains this and other information, or call 1-866-501-7704. Read the Prospectus carefully before investing.

The Fund is not a mutual fund or any other type of Investment Company within the meaning of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, and is not subject to regulation thereunder.

An investment in the Fund involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

Shares are not individually redeemable and may be purchased from the Fund only in one or more blocks of 50,000 Shares (each, called a "Basket").

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